According to our customers,
                           we have no competition...


Customer Testimonials...

"Excellent customer service.  They were friendly, efficient, attentive and delivered as promised.  I was incredibly impressed with my car detailing.  I will be sure to recommend them to friends and return in the future!"   Lauren Moore (July 24, 2017)
"I asked my husband for an interior detail on my 10 year-old car for Christmas.  I researched local detailers and told him Wims seemed to be 'the' recommended detailer.  We were both beyond impressed with the wonderful job they did on my car.  It's like driving a new vehicle!  I couldn't believe how it looked.  My husband said they have a nice shop and Mark and Lisa are awesome.  I highly recommend them.
Thank you, Mark & Lisa -- and Merry Christmas :-)"                   Ruth Groves  (December 21, 2016)
"Mark and Lisa truly get the concept of excellent customer service.  My 2003 Benz C-Class never looked better... while stopped at a traffic light on the way home, the guy in the lane next to me rolled down his window and complimented me on my car.  And the price was very affordable... I will definitely be a repeat customer.  Thanks, Mark and Lisa... you guys rock!"  
                                                                                          Mark McInnis  (September 27, 2016)
"They do a great job on your vehicle. Customer Service is outstanding." Phil Roberts  (June 11, 2016)
"This car wash is the best in town!  They provide excellent, professional service.  The staff is excellent and friendly!  The level of detail and care they provide is unsurpassed.  I will definitely be back again and again!"  Dana Wyatt (January 30, 2016)
"By far the best car wash service in the area and managed by professionals!!!"  
  -Garry F. Craven (January 29, 2016)
"They have done a wonderful job when I have been there.  They have become good friends in the process.  BTW, I have a 34' Freightliner haul and tow truck and it's a lot bigger than a car.  They are super."                                                                                                        Doug Bradt (12/15/15)
"Wims is the best in town.  You can't get the kind of personal and professional service at those other places.  They treat you like a part of the family.  Number one car wash in town!"  -Kevin Marshall (6/20/15)
While visiting Elkhart this past Saturday (4/18/15) from Naperville, Illinois, Ivan Milivojevic and his son stopped by to get their car washed.  This is what Ivan had to say about Wims...
"Best hand car wash I've ever been to.  My Cobra looks perfect!"
"They did an AWESOME job detailing our MKZ!  Spotless top to bottom.  Thank you!" 
                                                                                                                        -Kimberly Conrad (4/1
 Marilyn Taylor Smith, of Elkhart, says:
"Lot of competition here in Elkhart, but no one does it like Wims!  Happy every time!"   (1/31/15)
Several of our regular customers were kind enough to say a word about Wims...
"Excellent customer service; very friendly."   -Pastor Jon Brown, Elkhart  (1/17/15)
"Always great job--very satisfied with the service, care & attention."   -Patty H., Elkhart  (1/23/15)
"They are the best!  And Mark's okay, too."  -Mike Closson, Middlebury  (1/24/15)
"Continue doing the outstanding job & attention to detail!  You've got to come here, and
you'll never go anywhere else again!"  -Jeff Inman, Elkhart  (1/24/15)
"They do a very good job.  I'll be back."   -Janice Stewart, Elkhart (1/17/15)
Stephanie Sanyour came to see us for the first time on Jan. 17, 2015, after being referred by one of our customers.  This is what she has to say...
"I've never had my car hand washed before.  I came here as a referral.  The staff is very friendly.  My car looks brand new.  I'm definitely coming back! :)"
"Y'all do great work.  I'm happy to give you guys my business whenever I can!  I think if y'all opened a 2nd location in Michigan in the St. Joseph area, it would be a big hit and you'd stay very busy!"   -Jakin Thomas, Michigan (1/13/15)
(This is Jakin's second visit to Wims.  While talking with him, I learned that he came to Elkhart just to get his car cleaned by us, because there's nothing like Wims offered where he lives!  Wow!  Thank you, Jakin!)
"You just can't go wrong with these good people.  I had the F550 Burg Ford and 4-Runner done and I am more than pleased."     -J.R. Reed  (11/6/14)
"One Happy Customer!"  according to Jim Carrico of Jimtown, Indiana on Oct. 9, 2014.

Today we did an Interior Detail on Jim's 2008 Pontiac Montana.
After he saw the inside of his van, when he came by
to get it this afternoon, his first words were:
"This is not my car!  This is not my car!"
It's hard for us to imagine any sweeter words than this...

Thank you, Jim.
"Just had a complete detail of my SUV.  It looks AMAZING!  I just fell back in love with my vehicle!  I'll be back!  Thank you."     -Lisa Focht, Elkhart, IN  (5/13/14)
One of our customers in February had this to say about us...
"Had to sweep out garage b-4 putting my incredibly clean car in!!  Wonderful customer service, something other companies seem to have forgotten.  Thanks!"   Sharon G., Elkhart

"I normally wash my car once a week to keep that shine going, but after a rain, even if I washed my car that day, it would look like it’s been weeks since I’d last put water on it.  I took it over to Wims and let them do their thing to it. I didn’t anticipate anything over what the automatic washes can do, so after a rain, I expected the same dirt spots to appear…BUT THEY DIDN’T. I thought that it was perhaps a coincidence.  However, it rained a second and third time that week and my car kept the shine. Either they put some muscle into the towels they use, or they have a miracle solution they use. Either way, the extra for the hand wash turns out to save me money and gives me a cleaner car longer."    -Ray Barham, South Bend, IN

"When you see the quality of their work and the fairness of their pricing, you will realize they have no competition, and I have tried them all."
(Below is a poem Dean wrote while waiting for his car to get finished.) 

I took my car to Wims Car Wash,
To give my car a shine.
And when they finished drying it,
My car looked really fine.

The value for your money there
Is something you must see.
The prices are so reasonable,
If lower they'd be free!
  -Dean Amacher, Elkhart, IN

"Wims goes above and beyond with their customer service. When I went to their shop to pick up my SUV, I thought I was looking at a new paint job on my vehicle.  I'm very impressed and everyone that I talk to, I tell them about my experience.  Great work!"     
             -Bradley Yeater, Elkhart  (Wash 'n Wax)

Customers on two separate occasions made the comment that even after it rained--not once, but twice--there were no signs of dried water spots due to the rain!  We use product that gets the grease, not just the dirt, off of your car. It's the grease that remains on the car, that other car washes don't remove, that attracts the dust and dirt that are in the air during the rain and remain on your car after the rain has stopped!           -Lisa Wimberly, owner