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Gift Certificates


If you're having trouble thinking of the right gift for the person who has everything, consider giving them a Gift Certificate for a Wash & Wax, Interior Detail or Full Detail!

(Also available with Clay-Towel.)

Give Lisa a call for more information.

Wash & Wax
Protect your vehicle
from the elements, while giving it a luster that is second to none...
Let us Detail your vehicle, and we will transform it...
Interior Detail
 (See Pricing Above)
Even on rainy days, you can feel good about having your vehicle revitalized on the inside! Come see us, and let us rejuvenate your car's interior!

    >Interior Thoroughly Cleaned & Dressed
    >Interior Doors Cleaned
    >Carpets/Mats Shampooed
    >Upholstered Seats Shampooed (extra for Leather)
    >Windows Cleaned inside/out

**NOTE: Because of the additional time required, vehicles with animal hair, or excessive amount of staining, will be charged a minimum of $25 extra (to be determined upon inspection of vehicle).

PLUS... With every Interior Detail, you will get a FREE exterior wash ($15-25 value)!
Other Services...
Shampoo Carpet (& Mats):
1 Row Seats:  $40.00          NOTE:  Back carpet of SUV or
2 Rows Seats:  $60.00        car trunk shampoo, add $20.00.
3 Rows Seats:  $80.00

Shampoo Upholstery ... or Clean/Condition Leather Seats:   
1 Row Seats:  $40.00            
2 Rows Seats:  $60.00
3 Rows Seats:  $80.00

Shampoo Carpet & Upholstery (or Leather):
1 Row Seats:  $75.00
2 Rows Seats:  $95.00
3 Rows Seats:  $125.00