Some say, "You get what you pay for."
As one of our customers would say..
"At Wims, you get more than you pay for!"

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HHR Interior Detail
Just click on this picture for the Before and After video of this Interior Detail on YouTube.
Jeep Liberty Detail
Click on this picture to see the "Before and After" video of this Jeep Liberty Detail.  Yet another example of what Wims can do to a vehicle where it appears a dog actually may have taken up residence...
Chevy 3500 Truck
Click on engine to check out the "Before and After" of this transformation on YouTube.
Pontiac Torrent Detail
Click on this picture to watch the video.  To call this van dirty was a gross understatement!  What this video shows is only half of what we found as we were cleaning it!

Before... and After.

Dodge Caliber Detail
Amazing transformation of a much-neglected/abused Dodge Caliber! 
Click on Mark's picture for the "Before and After" video on YouTube.
Ford F550 Detail
For a look at the process, click on the Truck...