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Tyrell Davis has been an integral part of our team since 2014, excelling in the area of detailing. (And he's the first one to start singing when the music comes on!)
Aubrey's Song
The following is a music video on YouTube that Mark and Lisa produced for her precious baby cousin, born one month premature and alive today only because of the grace of God... 

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About Us

My Husband, Mark, and I were, until recently, foster parents of mostly teenage boys for 6 years. When Mark, a resident of Elkhart since 1979, found out that his company of 26 years was relocating to Mexico at the end of 2013, we decided to start our own business. We chose a hand car wash business, because we've seen the damage that can be done to cars, trucks, etc., by automated car washes. We provide a more gentle and "hands on" approach. We also want to provide a service that is more personal to the community. It is said that if you want a job done right, you have to do it yourself. We say... "If you want a job done right, it has to be done by hand!" We hope that you will visit us at Wims, so that we can get to know you and take care of your vehicle "as if it were our own."
Mark & Lisa Wimberly,
Wims Hand Car Wash & Detail

Look For God in the Little Things
by Lisa Hare Wimberly
Look for God in the little things.
When you open your eyes you will find
That His blessings are there all around you;
You will see Him if you take the time.

You will see Him when you look at a baby's smile,
With the sweetness and joy that it brings.
You'll hear Him in the robin's song
In the early dawn of Spring.

You will see Him when the leaves clap their hands,
Reaching branches to God in the sky.
And you'll hear His voice in the laughter
Of the rushing river as it flows by.

You'll see His purity in snowflakes of flawless white,
As they silently float to the ground.
And you'll hear His power in rolling thunder,
As the heavens are filled with the sound.

You will see Him in the one that you love,
As you meet each other's gaze.
And you'll feel Him in the depths of your heart,
As you lift up your hands in praise.

His love is displayed all around you,
And, oh, how amazed you will be!
If you just take a moment to look for the Lord,
You will find Him in all that you see.